“Introduction to Magit in Spacemacs” — by Julia

How I became the only one at work that loves Rebasing.


“Org-mode tables and Spreadsheet Functionality” - by Til

Org-mode takes your ASCII art tables, and turns them into magic. Automatic formatting, moving columns or rows, it’s all a breeze. With formulas and computed cells they even become full spreadsheets.

Lightning talks

“Making music inside of Emacs” — by Fredrik

A brief overview of a compositional project, featuring Clojure, Python and Lilypond. We’ll start out with plain Clojure data structures and eventually end up with an engraved score and a recording.

“general-close” — by Andreas


“New features in Emacs 25.1” — by Andy

“Treating Markdown as if it’s org-mode” — by Arne

org-mode is a very powerful package, and a great format, but support for it outside Emacs’ ecosystem is limited, so many of us end up using Markdown. We’ll see how to get some of that org-mode feel when editing Markdown.