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1 Lefteris's old post on Emacs+Android

Current version of the SDK is 24.2

His post mentions downloading a tarball, then uses unzip :)

mkdir -p ~/opt cd ~/opt wget http://dl.google.com/android/android-sdk_r24.2-linux.tgz tar xvzf android-sdkr24.2-linux.tgz

This creates ~/opt/android-sdk-linux, which we'll just leave as is.

Get android-mode

(package-refresh-contents) (package-install 'android-mode)

(custom-set-variables '(android-mode-sdk-dir "~/opt/android-sdk-linux"))

export PATH=$PATH:~/opt/android-sdk-linux/tools

2 Starting a new project

TARGETPATH="myfirstapp" PROJECTNAME="My First App" COMPANYDOMAIN="com.mycompany" PACKAGENAME="com.mycompany.myfirstapp"

android create project –path "$TARGETPATH" –name "$PROJECTNAME" –package "$PACKAGENAME" –target 1

Which API to target, use "android list targets" to see the options

–activity "Test Activity"

android create project \ –path ~/tmp/myproject2 \ –name "SinoLogic1" \ –package "com.sinologic.sinologic1" \ –target android-22 \ –activity "Sinoactive"

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