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June 28th, 2023 Meetup

Our next meetup is going to be on Wednesday, June 28th 2023.

Want to do a presentation or an impromptu show-and-tell? Both are welcome. If you want to do a longer presentation, please let us know on the mailing list beforehand.


Room open from 18:30 CEST, “official” start at 19:00 CEST. Jitsi Room.

About Emacs Berlin

We are Emacs enthusiasts in Berlin, meeting every last Wednesday of the month (<%%(diary-float t 3 -1)> in org-mode).

The best way to stay posted is through our mailing list. Sign up and meet your fellow Emacsers, or have a look at the mailing list archives (gmane). The main language on the list is English.

Feel free to send an email introducing yourself after subscribing!

We’re on mastodon: @emacs@toot.berlin

You can also chat with us on IRC: #emacs-berlin (on Libera.Chat)

Or on Twitter: @emacsberlin

Videos on PeerTube Diode Zone and on YouTube  

Non-public contact via email: organizers email


  • Wednesday, June 28th 2023
  • Wednesday, July 26th 2023
  • Wednesday, August 30th 2023

(if you see a past date here, see mailing list)


Archive of previous meetings

Beginner’s Guarantee

If you would like a basic introduction to Emacs, or you’re starting out and have some questions, then we are more than happy to help you. Just show up to a meeting, and we guarantee there will be somebody to help you up to speed.


Talks are 20 minutes + 5 min Q&A, and should be loosely related to Emacs. Lightning talks are 5 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A, and can be about anything. The only “rule” for lightning talks is “keep it short, keep it interesting”.

At the moment the best place to propose talks is on the mailing list.

Code of Conduct

Emacs Berlin has adopted the Berlin Code of Conduct, all who attend our events or participate on our mailing list are expected to have read this document, and to behave accordingly.